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Smart Display

  • Applicable size:4.0"〜31.5"
  • OS: Android. Linux
  • Resolution: 1280*800. 1920*1080
  • Support: 4G, Touch, TF Card. USB
  • Power supply: DC 9V-12V

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Application DataSheet
NO.33 8.0 Square LTK080SVNZT19-V0 TN 800*600 RGB 320 162.0*121.5 183.0*141.0*7.54 Industrial download
NO.34 8.0 Landscape LTK080SVNZM18-V0 TN/INN 800*600 RGB 400 162.0*121.5 183.0*141.0*5.5 Industrial Control download
NO.35 8.0 landscape LTK080WVBZM17-V0 TN 800*480 RGB 650 176.64*99.36 192.8*116.9*6.4 download
NO.36 8.0 Portrait LTK080A60A004T-HT-V0 AUO/IPS 1200*1920 MIPI 320 107*64*172.22 132.6*193.6*3.6 Smart Industrial download
NO.37 8.80 Landscape LTK088MNHAT03-V0 IPS 1280*480 LVDS 1000 209.28*78.48 239.60*107.35*6.55 Gambling machine/game machine download
NO.38 9.0 Landscape LTK090WSBZM11-V0 IPS 1024*600 RGB 220 196.61*114.15 210.7*126.4*3.3 Indurstrial download
NO.39 10.10 Landscape LTK101WSBZM24-V0 IPS 1024*600 RGB 250 222.72*125.28 235.0*143.0*2.9 Industrial Control download
NO.40 10.10 Landscape LTK101WX40BLW-QCB-ET10-HT-V0 IPS 1280*800 LVDS 500 216.96*135.6 248*165*4.8 download
NO.41 10.10 Landscape LTK101WSBZM26-V0 HSD/TN 1024*600 RGB 220 222.72*125.28 235*143*3.15 Industrial Control download
NO.42 10.10 Landscape LTK101WSBZT25-V0 HSD/IPS 1024*600 RGB 180 222.72*125.28 267.4*162.5*5.1 Transportation download
NO.43 13.30 Landscape LTK133FHBAT01-V0 BOE/ IPS 1920*1080 EDP 300 293.76*165.24 323.5*197.0*4.25 Laboratory Equipment download
NO.44 15.60 Landscape LTK156FHBAT01-V0 IPS 1920*1080 eDP 200 344.16*193.59 350.66*205.25*3.2 Smart Industry download
NO.45 19.0 Landscape LTK190L3027T-HT01-V0 TN 1280*1024 LVDS 300 374.78*299.83 395.60*323.80*16.90 Medical Equipment download
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A smart display is a device that combines the functionalities of a traditional display screen with advanced capabilities such as voice recognition, internet connectivity, and the ability to interact with other smart devices.

At its core, a smart display is essentially a large touchscreen interface that offers a range of interactive experiences. It goes beyond the basic functionalities of a TV or computer monitor, incorporating smart features that allow users to access information, control other devices, and even engage in voice-based interactions.

Moreover, smart displays often have built-in cameras and microphones, which allow for video conferencing, face recognition, and other advanced functionalities. They can also connect to the internet, enabling streaming of content from various online platforms, access to social media, and more.

Through various protocols and technologies, smart displays can seamlessly integrate with smart speakers, smartphones, smartwatches, and other IoT devices, creating a connected ecosystem that simplifies daily tasks and enhances convenience.
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