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  • Capacitive Touch Screen
    Capacitive Touch Screen
    Most commonly used are projected capacitive touch screens, which have the advantages of high light  transmittance, fast response speed and long life.Mainly used in cash register...Read More>>
  • Resistive Touch Screen
    Resistive Touch Screen
    Resistive touch screen is controlled by pressure sensing, The advantages of a resistive touchscreen can be categorized as: 1. Resistive touch screen with high accuracy, can...Read More>>

A capacitive touch screen is a control display that uses the conductive touch of a human finger or a specialized device for input.Unlike resistive and surface wave panels, which can sense input from either fingers or simple styluses, capacitive touch screen panels must be touched with a finger or a special capacitive pen or glove. The panel is coated with a material that can store electrical charges and the location of touch to the screen is signaled by the change in capacitance in that location.

Leadtek developed a series of Capacitive touch screen including 1.0", 2.0",2.4",2.2",3.0",3.5",4.3",5.0",5.5",6.0",6.2",7.0",8.0",9.0",10.1",11.6",12.1",12.2",13.3",14.0",15.6",18.5",21.5".

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