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High Resolutions TFT Screen

TFT screens in diverse sizes that are of high resolution and advanced units – transmissive type in color active matrix. We offer you such advanced modules that use amorphous silicon TFT as a switching device. The latest range of TFT screens are designed by using a driver circuit, and a back light unit – containing the resolution of 1920x1080. We design premium quality display modules and check them properly before delivering. Our prices are competitive and backed by discounts. We ensure safe and secure delivery of the latest range of TFT screens.


Understand the Necessity of Using Capacitive Touch Screen

When using the pos device or mobile phones, people are willing to know how to control them. TFT screen technology plays an important role in smartphones. With a capacitive touch screen, users enjoy a perfect function in the device. When it comes to such things, the glass panel can cover with a capacitive layer with ideal discharge. We make quality display solutions with suitable materials. When touching the screen with a conductive stylus or finger, some charge can move from the device to the stylus or finger. A decreased charge may notice through the controller. 

Identify suitable touch location:

It is stunning technology in the present world. Users get a complete advantage when using a tft screen. It displays a sharp image with ideal contrast. Usage of glass layer delivers impressive picture quality. It is completely sensitive to touch. Such a type of display is perfect and requires pressure to pinpoint touch. People often demand it to identify different touch points. It is available with a sturdy glass top layer. The display is easy to clean and never impacted by dust, grease, dirt and rain. It makes a device for long-term use. So, you can buy an ideal display for use. 

High-grade TFT screens are versatile and available in all sizes. We offer you customized capacitive touch screens too that are handheld and easy to connect to networks or computers through architecture to support diverse components. These screens are in high resolutions that will provide you with clear view of anything you want. High-clarity, easy to handle, affordable rates, etc are some of the benefits you will get with each screen. We provide you with complete guide so that you can choose the best range and get delivery to your address.

Lead Tek LCD is a bespoke name in this domain providing you with an exclusive range of TFT screens in varied models and sizes that you can get as per your requirement and type of device for which you need such screens. Our range of TFT screens is fully checked and delivered in fully secure way to your address. We follow all instructions and safety guidelines at the time of making and delivery.

Our prices are competitive and backed by discounts. Browse our broad range and we assure you will surely get something latest and different from what you have expected.

Feel free to contact us for any specific need of TFT screens. 

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