Where Are Digital Signage LCD Displays Used?

1. The benefits of using digital signage LCD displays in the real estate industry

Earn the trust of your clients: Setting up digital signage LCD displays outside of your brokerage or real estate office can be effective in attracting the attention of anyone passing by who might be interested in buying or renting a new place. The more attention you get to your listing, the higher your chances of getting more offers and making sales. Seeing offers keep coming in will give your clients confidence in you selling their property.

Team building confidence: Your clients aren't the only ones who will be impressed with the results of setting up digital signage LCD displays outside the office. Digital signage kiosks give people the opportunity to leave feedback and comments on listings. Seeing positive feedback from passers-by and potential buyers can give your colleagues and yourself confidence in your abilities.

Stand out from your competitors: Real estate is a very competitive industry. Advertising with digital signage LCD displays can put you ahead of your competitors because it shows that you have more of a modern communication edge that many buyers are looking for.


2. Other uses of digital signage LCD display

Restaurants can share contactless digital menus: Another benefit of digital signage LCD displays is that it allows restaurants to encourage and enforce physical distancing by using limited contact/contactless digital menus. Restaurants can install digital menu boards that allow customers to read all menu items from a distance. Alternatively, restaurants can create unique QR codes that allow customers to digitally download menus directly to their phones without physically touching the device.

LCDs and commercial displays in department stores: Digital signage LCD displays and content have played a key role in the survival of the retail industry during the pandemic. Retailers have struggled to follow basic health and safety guidelines, including enforcing physical distancing protocols, providing hand sanitizer and requiring customers to wear masks while shopping. LCD displays are critical to the success of these efforts as they are constantly updated with the latest COVID-19 information for customers and employees alike by displaying local data, protocols and storage capacity.

Show updates at bus stops and train stations: Public transportation has been considered an essential service throughout the pandemic. Part of the promise to facilitate safe travel and commuting for essential workers is to provide the public with the latest transit route updates. This helps ensure travelers can maintain a stable schedule and physical distance when using public transport, and reassures them that their health and safety are considered.