Color TFT LCD Display
Color TFT LCD Display
Leadtek Display is a leading tft lcd modules, lcd display supplier and specialized in producing TFT LCD Modules, TFT Module, TFT LCD Panel, including Color TFT, Monochrome TFT Display and other types.
  • Standard TFT LCD

    Standard TFT LCD

    Leadtekdisplay standard TFT LCD Module are available in various sizes from 0.95’’ 2.4’’, 2.8’’ TFT LCD to 32’’ TFT LCD. These TFT LCD module are focus on common specification like familiar size, resolution, application, and normal temperatures of -10°C to +50°C or -20°C to +60°C.
  • Customzied TFT LCD

    Customzied TFT LCD

    Leadtek is professional manufacturer for customer unique application requirement. We could provide 5 custom-made TFT LCD screen as industrial tft lcd, bar type lcm, automobile display mold, circular screen panel, square tft lcm, to its custom lcd AA, custom lcd structurer, custom lcd FPC, controller board type, and custom lcd size etc. Our profession engineer and designer are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom lcd. Beside the custom lcd display panel, we also provide custom PCBA board for the display products.
  • Square LCD Display

    Square LCD Display

    Square LCD displays are getting popular in many circumstances, including shopping malls, game halls, museums, hospitals, etc. In these situations, the square LCD panels are set for delivery special information, and increase the beauty in whole. Leadtek is able to offer square LCD monitors that meet different needs, we can also offer customize service for you.
  • Round LCD Display

    Round LCD Display

    Leadtek is a professional manufacturer and supplier of round TFT LCD displays, our circular LCD screen module including 1.3 inches round TFT LCD display, and popular 2.47-inch circular TFT LCM module, 480x480 dots matrix, and also other dimensions and features that can be customized. Circular TFT displays have a wide range of application, and the performance of the round LCD panel is also brilliant.
  • Bar Type LCD Display

    Bar Type LCD Display

    Nowadays, we can see bar type LCD displays everywhere in our daily life, range from convenience store to museum. The bar type LCD display can convey the information of the spot with occupying very small space. Before getting a bar type LCD display, it's necessary to know this type of display better, including its dimension, modules, resolutions, etc. Leadtek Display, a certified and professional display solution provider, brings to you the best range of display modules. We are used largely for different purposes and in applications. Put simply, we are perfect for industrial equipment, automotive applications, server systems, POS Systems, dynamic information displays, and advertising displays too.
  • Sunlight Readable LCD Display

    Sunlight Readable LCD Display

    If you are searching sunlight readable tft displays solution for the outdoor applications, Our High Brightness tft lcd including 3.5" 1000nits, 4.3" 1000nits, 5.0" 1000nits, 7.0" 2000nits, 8" 1000nits, 10.1" 1000nits, 12.2" 1000ntis, etc. Welcome to get the specification from Leadtek Display. Leadtek high brightness LCD panel is featured with brightness up to 600 nits and 2000 nits. Leadtek sunlight readable tft is high brightness backlight to make the display to sunlight viewable tft display, and easy to read in outside conditions with a bright sun. You would find sunlight readable TFT LCD is perfect for outdoor. Leadtek high brightness series used super brightness LED backlight, and make tft lcd readable under direct sunlight, and gives you the intensity and brilliance your application requires. Custom make sunlight readable tft lcd is very welcome to us.
  • TFT Modules Accessories

    TFT Modules Accessories

    Leadtek developed the PCBA for converting signals from EDP/LVDS/RGB/MIPI to HDMI or HDMI+VGA, we also support displays with SSD1963. To know more information, welcome to send us inquiries.
  • LCD Controller Board

    LCD Controller Board

    We are now offering total solution including smart home, smart city, smart agriculture, smart commerce, our mainboard products including Multi-functional AIO/Main-Board/Smart Sensors and IoT Modules; Leadtek can also provide you various type of converter board including HDMI/DP/VGA/USB board which enables direct contact between the display and your social media.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen

    Capacitive Touch Screen

    Leadtek can supply 0.96"~43" custom design capacitive touch screen which have been successfully developed and produced. The main structure is G+G and G+F, G+F+F, Single-touch & multi-touch for customer’s option. It can support 10 fingers, swipe, page turning or other functions. From software design of capacitive touch screen to the mass production, Leadtek has the strongest R&D team and production line to offer a full service including technical solutions, high quality products and excellent sales service.
  • Resistive Touch Screen

    Resistive Touch Screen

    Leadtek developed resistive touch panel includes 4-wire, 5-wire resistive touch panel. The resistive touch screen mainly focuses on medical, all-in-on PC, automotive and other industrial standards' application.
Benefits of Color TFT LCD Display

Benefits of Color TFT LCD Display

High Speed and Response Time

TFT screens have high speed and response time, which is highly suitable for the fast-growing industrial and digitalized world. Quick response time helps reduce the effects of blurring and ghosting in critical situations, which can be an issue if response time is too slow.

Lightweight Design

TFT cells are made from glass with laminated polarizers. These TFT displays can be use in plastic housing for a more rugged end product with less breakage in the electronics due to drops or stress tension.

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