Why is the Display Screen Square?

What is the shape of the screen? Aren't all the screens we can see nowadays being square? To talk about changes, it's just a difference in size and proportions. You may not know it, but in the early days of the display, the screen was round.

1. The CRT monitor era

When CRT monitors first came out, the screen was also round. The most fundamental reason lies in the production process at that time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the electron tube, the inside of the electron tube is vacuum. Such a huge air pressure will put a huge pressure on the wall of the electron tube. As a special form of the electron tube, the larger CRT will bear more pressure, so the earliest CRT was made into a round shape (increased surface area).

2. The LCD era

In the LCD era, the square LCD display has a unified appearance. In addition to the basic reason that the human field of vision is basically a rectangle, the unity of cost and efficiency is the key. Because after the production is completed, it needs to be cut according to the required size. In this case, only cutting into a square shape can maximize the cutting efficiency.

As for the driving method, the liquid crystal is driven by a matrix, so the screen is made into a square, and the point-to-point structure with the driving structure can ensure the best efficiency of the liquid crystal molecules.

The driving structure of the liquid crystal is a matrix, so a square LCD display is most suitable. It can be said that the square display can meet the conventional needs, but in special fields, we often require the screen to have a special shape, and the shape of the display needs to be changed, which gives the LCD screen show different shapes and more performance and convenient control.

Before you know it, the shape of the screen is quietly changing. With the rise of wearable devices and the wide application of display devices in automobiles and home appliances, the demand for special-shaped displays is rapidly increasing. Therefore, a round LCD display and bar type LCD display, etc. have also appeared. The evolution of equipment has higher requirements for display technology. Curved surface, bendable, and side display have all put forward new requirements for the deformability of display technology. Display profiled has still more room for improvement.