What's the Relationship Between TFT and LCD?

The full name of TFT: Thin Film Transistor. The notebook computers and desktop computers we use now use relatively advanced TFT display screens. These displays are composed of liquid crystal pixels and are driven by thin film transistors integrated behind the pixels. Therefore, the TFT type display screen also belongs to a type of display device with a source matrix. TFT display panels are the best among LCD color displays. TFT display screens have many advantages: high responsiveness, high brightness, high contrast, and so on.

The structure of LCD

LCD is short for Liquid Crystal Display. In the LCD structure, a liquid crystal cell is placed between two parallel glass substrates, the lower substrate glass is equipped with TFT (thin film transistor), and the upper substrate glass is equipped with a color filter. The rotation direction of the liquid crystal molecules is controlled by the signal and voltage changes on the TFT, so as to control whether the polarized light of each pixel point is emitted or not to achieve the purpose of display. Now LCD, as the mainstream, has replaced CRT, and the price has dropped a lot, and it has been fully popularized.

The classification of LCD

LCDs are generally divided into monochrome and color LCD screens. At present, monochrome LCDs have almost withdrawn from the notebook computer market, while color LCDs continue to develop. Color LCD is mainly divided into STN and TFT LCDs. Among them, TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD, also known as active transistor liquid crystal display, is also known as true color LCD display by many people; DSTN (Dual -Scn Twisted Nematic) LCD, is a dual-scan liquid crystal display, which is a display method of STN LCD, and has now been withdrawn from the market.

After reading the above content, I believe everyone has a general understanding and cognition of TFT and LCD. LCD refers to liquid crystal display, and TFT is a kind of LCD. The former is dedicated for notebooks, and the latter is dedicated for desktop computers. LCD has several different technologies, FED, PDP, OLED, TFT-LCD, which are all belong to LCD. It's just that desktop computers use the first few more because of lower cost; TFT display screens are more expensive and are generally used in notebooks or MOTOs. Nowadays, most displays are TFT displays. I believe you will pay more attention to the selection and purchase of digital products in the future.