Touch Screen Modules For Vibrant Display And Brand Recall

In the present day world, we find all advertisements are displayed digitally in bold, which thereby attracts the audience's attention to the fullest. The wide screens offer core competencies of the product vividly which helps in creating a brand recall in the minds of the people.

Among others, touch screen modules are in use across the globe as the latest gadget which offers end-to-end flawless digital display. The touch screen module is usually an input and output device which uses the human touch of fingers or digital input gadgets like a digital pen, gloves, etc which display information on an LCD or OLED display. The panels are usually coated with conductor materials like Indium tin oxide or copper which can store electrical charges. The point of contact is usually visualized as a change in the capacitance on the screen. 

The touch screen modules are broadly segregated as:-

1. Capacitive touch screen – they are basic touch screens that come with two glass layers with a conductive material. They are of

●    High light Transmittance

●    Fast response speed 

●    Durability

●    Easy

●    Flexible operation.

The capacitive touch screens are usually used as cash machines, self–service devices like inquiry machines, queue machines, industrial control equipment, etc. 

2. Resistive touch screen- they are made of several thin layers and material which when touched bends wherein the top layer touches the base layer thereby closing a circuit and creating a current loop. This type of modules are characterized by:-

●    High accuracy

●    High resolution

●    Unaffected by water, dust, or oil and can sustain in extreme temperatures.

●    Economic.

They are usually used in cameras, GPS systems, feature phones, and larger displays.

Capacitive touch screens require less effort than resistive ones and accept multi touchpoints.

There are innumerable companies offering touch screen modules for digital display. Among them, Shenzhen Leadtek Technology Company Limited popularly known as Leadtek Display has created a revolution in the Touch screen module through their investments in R & D for years. 

Research and development have paid rich dividends which can be observed by the innovations they have made over the years. Started in 2009, Leadtek Display is considered as one of the Best Enterprises in providing state of-the-art devices.  

In the Capacitive touch screen, they have a product range of 16 variants that differ in size, display type, interface, display resolution, and lot more.

With this attitude, Leadtek Display is undoubtedly going to lead the world shortly with its futuristic products.