TIANMA plans to build an 8.6-generation LCD production line

TIANMA plans to build an eight point six-generation LCD production line with a total investment of thirty-three billion yuan. The main technology of this project is a-Si and IGZO technology in parallel, and the target product market is vehicle,

IT display(including flat panel, notebook, monitor, etc.), industrial products and other display applications.

1. The demand for a-Si production capacity is stable, and the trend of specification upgrade is obvious.

Compared with LTPS and OLED, a-Si has the longest development time, the most mature technical solutions and industrial ecology, and the most advantageous cost. It is the most widely used technology. At present, there is still a large and relatively stable market demand.

2. Build a new high-generation line to help upgrade product specifications.

Thanks to the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles, each vehicle is equipped with more and more display screens, and it is constantly developing in the direction of large screens. The development direction of intelligence has been very clear, which provides a substantial growth opportunity for the vehicle display market, and as the size of the single screen becomes larger and the function integration becomes higher, the value of the vehicle single screen is also increasing. Demand will continue to remain strong.

3. The positioning of the production line is clear, and the focus is on medium and small sizes.

Compared with large-sized products, small and medium-sized products are more and more inclined to customized products, with more superimposed innovative technologies, and the added value will be relatively higher. Therefore, for Shentianma, it is more wise to target the 8.6-generation line to the market of high value-added products such as vehicle and IT.

The new production line has a solid customer base and obvious latecomer advantages. It is reported that the new production line of Shentianma will have a great late-mover advantage in new technology and new technology, which can meet higher technological requirements. At the same time, based on Shentianma's many years of deep cultivation in the field of small and medium-sized displays, it has accumulated a profound accumulation of differentiated characteristics in various application fields. It is conducive to quickly opening up the market and has the ability to manage the high generation well.

It can be said that this investment is Shentianma's further consolidation of the small and medium-sized market and the development of new markets, as well as a further improvement and leap of existing production capacity and mass production technology. Deploy mainstream and emerging display technologies such as a-Si/IGZO/LTPS/AMOLED/Micro-LED/Mini-LED, provide customers with one-stop display solutions, enhance the added value of display products, and further strengthen the head of the small and medium-sized field Advantage.

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