Three Elements for Choosing a TFT LCD Display Manufacturer

In recent years, the tft liquid crystal display industry has been surging, upstream panel manufacturers, chip manufacturers, etc. are all oligopolistic, and TFT display suppliers are basically in the cracks of survival, how to find a way out in the fiercely competitive market is a breakthrough that every tft LCD display manufacturer is looking for. Today, LEADTEK DISPLAY will talk about my views on this topic.

Tft Display Supplier

1. The TFT display supplier has excellent internal production technology

If there is no internal cultivation, there will be no fierce competition in any fierce competition. If you are good enough, you can stand out in this industry and stand out, so internal cultivation is the first. So, what is internal repair? A good production process is internal repair, and the product is the core competitiveness. Only by continuously optimizing the production process can the product be more competitive. Boosting the production industry is also indirectly reducing costs.

2. The cost of TFT display suppliers

Cost is very important for TFT display suppliers. We all know that in the upstream of tft LCD display manufacturers, many panel manufacturers and IC manufacturers belong to the monopoly industry and require cash transactions, which gives tft LCD display. Manufacturers have brought many problems. Therefore, in the face of such a severe market situation, it is also very important to reduce costs and improve cost performance. In addition to product quality, terminal products also pay great attention to price.

3. Innovation of TFT display suppliers

The stagnant TFT display suppliers will eventually be eliminated by the trend of the times, while the potential TFT LCD display manufacturers will focus on innovation, make breakthroughs in response to their own shortcomings, and have a sense of innovation in products and services. to keep up with the times. Good tft LCD display manufacturers should have basic qualities, and create an industry atmosphere of virtuous development and virtuous circle, and be a person who loves the industry.

For a professional TFT display supplier, if the quantity is too small, it is impossible to carry out mass production, because the production equipment of tft LCD display is fully automatic equipment, and the last machine can make thousands of pieces in an hour. And the production process is the same. To make 100 pieces, you need to go through the whole process, and the same is true for 10,000 pieces, and the production cost of machine adjustment and labor costs, so the price and quantity of tft LCD display are directly related.

The second is the cost of raw materials. If the number of tft LCD screens is large, it will also affect the price of the raw materials placed in the order. All raw material manufacturers adopt the principle of tiered quotation. The more the quantity, the lower the price. Everyone knows it, so the price of tft LCD will also fluctuate with the price of raw materials.