The Uniformity of LCD Display and Its Selection Factors

1. How much do you know about the uniformity of the LCD screen?

The brightness uniformity of the LCD display is an important indicator to judge the quality of the LCD display. If the uniformity is not good, it means that the backlight light source design of the LCD display is not good, and it is prone to light leakage.

Therefore, a good quality display screen must have a good uniformity. Next, Leadtek Display will introduce some knowledge points about the uniformity of the liquid crystal display screen.

The uneven brightness of the lcd display screen will cause a large difference in brightness and darkness on the screen when reflected on the lcd display screen. Our eyeballs consume more energy than usual when dealing with this brightness and darkness difference, so we use different brightness. Eyes are especially prone to fatigue with a uniform LCD display.

The calculation method of the uniformity of the average brightness distribution of the surface light source is: minimum brightness ÷ maximum brightness × 100% = uniformity (data).

General internal inspections add 5% to customer requirements. Generally, small and medium-sized LCD screens measure the brightness of 9 points, and divide the measured minimum value by the maximum value to obtain the uniformity of the LCD. The higher the uniformity, the better the consistency of the LCD image quality. The ideal uniformity is 100%, the higher the uniformity, the better the brightness consistency of the picture.

The supply of LCD displays has been in excess of demand for a long time. In the case of increasingly fierce market price competition, LCD Display Co., Ltd. is strictly controlling the production cost. Some manufacturers even start to simplify the production process in order to reduce costs.


2. What issues should be considered when purchasing LCD screens?

There are more and more devices using lcd displays in life now, so do you know what issues need to be considered in the purchase of lcd displays? The following will give you a detailed introduction, so that you will have more choices when purchasing lcd displays. more grasp.

First consider the mechanical properties: due to the different application places of each product, some LCD screens are used in a good and stable environment, while some products are used in a harsh environment.

Therefore, when choosing a dot-matrix LCD display for a new product, you should consider the requirements of mechanical properties. If you use it in a bad environment, you should choose a display with good anti-vibration, corrosion resistance and antistatic properties.

Consider the backlight control again: as we all know, the backlight is of great significance to the LCD screen. If the backlight control is not good, the user will not be able to clearly view the content of the dot matrix LCD screen.

When enterprises equip new products with dot-matrix LCD displays, they must consider the requirements for backlight control. For example, for battery-powered products, select a display screen that can control the backlight individually as soon as possible.

Finally, consider the cost: only by controlling the cost well can the price of the new product be more reasonable, and the LCD Display Co., Ltd. can also obtain a more lucrative profit from the sales of the new product.

Therefore, when choosing a dot-matrix LCD display for a new product, you should also consider the cost requirements, and try to choose a lower-priced dot-matrix LCD display based on the same material and performance.

Choosing a suitable dot-matrix LCD display for a new product can give it a better advantage, so companies should not only choose a durable dot-matrix LCD display from the quality.

Moreover, it is necessary to consider the backlight control requirements and cost of the dot-matrix liquid crystal display. Through comprehensive screening in various aspects, the trendy is equipped with a cost-effective dot-matrix LCD display.