The two main products in panel market are LCD and OLED,2021 year panel industry market analysis

The two main products in the panel market are LCD and OLED,2021 year panel industry market analysis

Market Analysis of China Panel Industry 2021: LCD and OLED are the mainstream. Through the unremitting efforts of panel manufacturers, global panel capacity continues to shift to China, while China's panel capacity growth rate is amazing, in recent years continues to lead the global panel capacity growth rate, China has become the world's largest LCD capacity, Beijing and Oriental has become the world's largest manufacturer, and the acquisition of CLP Panda in 2020 will further consolidate its leading position.

Samsung and LGD have announced that they will withdraw from the LCD market in the face of the unique LCD competitive advantage of domestic manufacturers, but the outbreak of the epidemic has caused panel supply and demand mismatch, to ensure the normal supply of their end product panels, Samsung and LCD have announced delays in closing the LCD production line.

Panel industry mainly refers to the touch display panel industry used for electronic devices such as TV, desktop computer, notebook, and mobile phone. Nowadays, information display technology plays an increasingly important role in people's social activities and daily life .80% of human information is obtained from vision. The interaction between various information system terminal devices and people needs to be realized by information display. Panel industry has become the leader of the photoelectric industry, second only to the microelectronics industry in the information industry, and has become one of the most important industries.

From the industrial chain point of view, the panel industry can be divided into upstream basic materials, mid-stream panel manufacturing, and downstream terminal products. The upstream basic materials include: glass substrate, color film, polarizer, liquid crystal, target material, etc. the middle reaches panel manufacturing includes: array (Array), box (Cell), module (Module); downstream end products include: TV, computer, mobile phone, and other consumer electronics.

China's panel capacity growth is staggering, Continue to lead the world. And, With the accelerated release of multiple LCD G8.5/G8.6 and G10.5 and OLED G6 lines, Our LCD and OLED capacity has remained high, Growth is far ahead of global panel capacity growth, China's LCD panel capacity growth rate reached 40.5% in 2018. 2019, Our LCD and OLED capacity reached 113.48 million square meters and 2.24 million square meters respectively, The increase was 19.6% and 19.8% respectively.

In the age of information, panels have become essential components for various terminal displays. After more than ten years of development, China's panel industry has risen, China has become the world's largest producer of LCD. With domestic manufacturers constantly specializing in OLED technology, building OLED production lines, the future will also OLED a greater share of the world spoon.