The Magic Of New Age Advertising – Touch Screen Panels

In today’s commercial world it is not only important to make a great product with a lot of features but to market these products and making the customers aware through different channels. This increases brand recognition and also creates a strong brand recall which in turn leads to stronger brand loyalty.

Among all other channels, advertising happens to be one of the most attractive ways to market a product. It creates a strong positioning in the minds of the customer thereby impacting Brand loyalty in the long run. This is the prime reason we find the use of a display panel of various shapes and sizes being used all over nowadays. Touch screen panels are the latest entrants in this field and project full-fledged digital display end-to-end.

Going by the mechanic's touchscreen is considered the thin transparent layer of glass or plastic that identifies the signal once touched whereas LCD, LED or OLED is the screen also called a touch screen panel。

Leadtek Display, a 2009 established hi-tech company dealing with manufacturing and marketing of display panels and modules of different shapes and sizes has made an important impression through their pro-active research and development.

Touch screen panels are coated with a material that can store electrical charges thus once touched it is identified by a change in capacitance at that spot.

They have a huge range of touch screen modules. The capacitive range has around 16 modules of different shapes, sizes, display resolutions, display interfaces, etc. They have developed an enviable series of touch screen displays from 1.0" to 21.5 ".

Backed with an attitude of providing a superior quality solution for all their products through design, quality, and value. They are not confined only to mass production but by exceptional customer service, a custom display module, and by implementing a standard display over a varied range of products. The logistics and contractors are also taken meticulous care of so that only the best product reaches the end-user. This is the reason all their products are backed with a year-long warranty.

Due to their extensive R & D and uninterrupted vision on quality all their products are passed by CE, RoHS, FCC, and ISO 9000 certifications.

Their customer-centric approach is ear-marked by trust, reliability, and listening to customer requests which in turn has brought them long–term business relationships. Undoubtedly, with this dedication, days are not far when Leadtek Display will be considered as a benchmark.