TCL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen won the ZOL 2020 Industry Innovation Award

TCL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen won the ZOL 2020 Industry Innovation Award

On December 21, the selection results of the Science and Technology Wujiang·2020 Annual Science and Technology Product Awards organized by ZOL and the Industry Association were officially announced. This selection evaluates various technology products newly released this year, involving 16 major technology categories and more than 80 subdivided product lines. After a series of competitions of primary selection, re-election, and final review, this year's annual outstanding product award, annual outstanding product award, annual recommended product, and annual industry innovation award were finally selected. Among them, TCL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen won the 2020 Industry Innovation Award, leading product technology innovation and achieving leapfrog breakthroughs.

If TVs want to truly have the ability to compete with smartphones for users, they still have to learn from their skills. Faced with the overwhelming vertical screen applications in mobile phones, whether TVs can "stand up" has become an extremely critical link in product evolution. TCL·XESS Rotating smart screen is undoubtedly the pioneer of this revolution. TCL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen is not a brainless vertical screen TV. On the contrary, it stands up automatically according to the user's wishes and application requirements. This kind of technologically full and very interesting experience is its charm. The linkage with smartphones is also the exclusive feature of TCL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen. When you want to project the contents of your phone to the big screen, you only need to shake the phone. At this time, the Weibo, Vertical screen applications such as Douyin will be synchronized to the big screen for display, and at the same time, the rotation of the screen, a 55-inch living room phone appeared.

The TCL·XESS rotating smart screen is not only full of surprises in function but also ingenious in design. The double-layer superimposed design allows the backplane to be separated from the screen, making it lighter and more stable when rotating, and the speaker that is always kept below will not rotate due to And affect the sound output effect.

CL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen also has a circular secondary screen at the bottom, where common information such as time and weather can be seen at a glance, and the panel of TCL·XESS Rotating Smart Screen has been finely polished to achieve the effect of rounded corners. It looks very comfortable and is more suitable for modern home environments than traditional TVs that are square.

About ZOL Annual Technology Product Award

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The ZOL Annual Technology Product Award was selected for the first time held in 2008, and it has been 13 years. By sticking to authoritative data such as Zhongguancun's online professional testing and product rankings, the award has become the most comprehensive, professional, and influential technology digital selection in the Chinese-speaking region, and the results have been widely recognized.

This year, the ZOL Annual Technology Product Award has been upgraded again, and it has joined authoritative industry associations and institutions to participate in the selection. In addition to the evaluation perspective that Zhongguancun Online has always adhered to, it also introduces a new perspective and perspective from the industry, making the award more authoritative, More diversified.

     2020 is the 21st year that Zhongguancun Online has been deeply engaged in the technology industry. It has witnessed the ups and downs of the industry and the ups and downs of the industry. This year is destined to be extraordinary. In such an extraordinary year, what kind of surprises the technology industry will bring will depend on 2020. The annual technology product award is announced for you.