Solutions for Industrial Touch Display Non Response

Ⅰ. Industrial displays are widely used

Industrial displays are widely used in laboratories of universities and colleges. It has good anti-interference performance and strong environmental resistance, and can work without obstacles at high and low temperatures.

In addition, the industrial touch screen made by TFT display supplier is also used in various vending machines as capacitive touch explosion-proof screen, which can ensure the stability of working 24 hours a day. It can also be used in some workshop control cabinet application being applied in the embedded tablet computer equipment with faster and more efficient ability.

Ⅱ. What should we do if the industrial touch screens have no response?

1. Why can't the computer operate when the industrial display is connected to the host after average testing?

Solutions: It may be that the touch screen control card receives the operation signal before the host starts to load the touch screen driver. Just power off and restart the computer. It is also possible that the version of the industrial touch screen driver is too low, thus a new version of the driver needs to be installed.

2. When the industrial touch screens being started for the first time after installing the driver, the touch screen does not respond.

Solutions: first, confirm whether the touch screen wiring is connected correctly, if not, turn off the computer and reconnect all the wiring. Then check whether there is a conflict between the industrial display and the serial port resource in the host, check each hardware device one by one and adjust them.

3. The industrial display does not work, and there is no response after touching every part.


Step 1: Check if  there is loose wiring interface;

Step 2: Check whether there is a conflict between the serial port and the interrupt number. If there is a conflict, adjust the resources to avoid the conflict.

Step 3: Check whether there are cracks on the surface of the industrial touch screens. If so, replace the touch screen in time.

Step 4: Check whether the indicator light on the control box is properly functioning. When it is right, the indicator light is green and flashing. Also pay attention to check whether there is dirt on the surface of the industrial touch screen, wipe it out with a soft cloth. If the above parts are normal, the touch screen can be checked by replacement method, first replace the control box, then replace the touch screen, and then replace the host.

4. When touch the industrial display screen, it will take a long time to respond to the operation.

Solutions: it may be that there are moving water droplets on the touch screen, just wipe off the water droplets with a dry soft cloth; it may also be that the performance of the host is too poor. If the clock frequency is too low, the host should be replaced .

5. After touching the screen of the industrial display, some parts of the screen have no resopnse

Solutions: it is possible that some parts of the touch screen surface are covered by foreign objects, and you can wipe it with a dry soft cloth. It is also possible that part of the touch screen is scraped off by a hard object. This damage cannot be repaired and the touch screen can only be replaced.