QD-Mini LED smart screen equipped with TCL CSOT HVA technology (1)

As one of the essential appliances for home use, TV is not only a common presence in the living room, but also the protagonist of leisure time at home on weekends. Its appearance and performance are equally important. One is to assume the role of decoration modeling. A large screen that complements the display in the living room can greatly enhance the quality of the living room, and the other is to further enrich the entertainment activities of the home with its strong performance.

Just like TCL's QD-Mini LED smart screen, it exhibits outstanding product strength in terms of appearance and performance, After all, TCL X11's leading QD-Mini LED smart screen has successively won the German "Red Dot Award" design award in 2022, "learning from the same source" The C12E naturally has no poor expressiveness, and its overall use of a unique magic sand silver color scheme, through advanced anodic oxidation and wire drawing process, makes it emit a warm and textured silver gray glow, allowing the integration of technology and a diverse home environment to be durable and durable. In addition, in terms of performance, the QD-Mini LED series is quite outstanding in terms of color, clarity, and smoothness, making it a true audio and visual masterpiece.

The strength of the product is due to the support of advantageous technologies. QD-Mini LED Smart Screen uses a screen equipped with TCL Huaxing HVA technology. It uses QD-Mini LED backlight, which combines the respective advantages of LCD and OLED, and can upgrade traditional surface light sources to pixel level point light sources. In general, it uses QLED technology to achieve a combination of higher contrast, higher brightness, color gamut, and longevity, It is the true next generation large screen display technology.

For example, it has achieved nearly five times the number of partitions of ordinary LED televisions, achieved more delicate light control, and achieved an ultra-high contrast ratio of 1000000:1, allowing you to see the depth of the dark night and also witness the brightness of the stars. Secondly, in terms of image quality, equipped with a leading chip M1, it has powerful AI computing power, intelligently identifying image edge aliasing, color contours, and noise points, and performing pixel level reconstruction to restore the true content of the image, making the image clearer. In terms of smoothness, with the support of 120Hz throughout the entire process, the C12E accurately captures the details of each frame of the screen without stumbling or dragging. It is no exaggeration to say that athletes in running can also clearly capture each frame of facial expression.