Polarizer factory expands its layout in OLED and automotive markets

polarizer factory expands its layout in OLED and automotive markets

Affected by the epidemic this year, global polarizing plate factories have delayed their plans for new production capacity. The overall supply and demand remained healthy. In the second half of the year, as demand for laptops and IT products remained high-end, operations were relatively supportive. However, because panel factories were still operating at a low level, polarizing plates There is limited room for price increases. Looking to the future, as panel makers actively develop next-generation display technologies, polarizer manufacturers are also actively deploying in the OLED and automotive markets to expand business opportunities.

In recent years, the global supply and demand of polarizers have maintained a healthy level compared to panels. However, due to the losses of downstream panel manufacturers for several consecutive quarters, the room for price increases of polarizers is limited. There was a brief increase in the second quarter, but the supply chain revealed that there was indeed some polarizing. Board products are adjusted up, the increase is about 5%.

Looking to the future, the supply chain stated that the polarizing plate factory originally planned to open a new production capacity this year, but due to the epidemic, the plan is postponed to next year. The Korean factory LG Chemical withdrew from the polarizing plate market at the end of the year and is expected to be taken over by Shanshan Group. There is little change in supply and demand in half a year, and prices can still be healthy.

The supply chain pointed out that as the display industry enters the next generation of OLED and Mini/MicroLED competition because Mini/MicroLED display technology has less demand for polarizers than LCDs, polarizer manufacturers, and Chengmei materials focus on OLED and automotive market layouts. Strength.

It is understood that the production capacity of Ming base material has been close to full capacity this year, and it is also actively pursuing the bottleneck of the production line. It is estimated that the production capacity will increase by 5-10%. In addition, the medical and battery isolation membranes are gradually fermented and increased. In the first half of the year, Cheng Meicai benefited from the increased volume and portfolio optimization of new customers in Japan and South Korea. The fourth quarter is expected to grow by double digits compared with the third quarter, turning profit in a single quarter.