Leadtek Displays offers design solutions for customers that may have specific LCD needs, or those who have a project involving an LCD and need to integrate it into a specific application. Leadtek Displays delivers high-performance displays to all of our customers with high levels of engagement from the beginning to the end of your project.

When it comes to manufacturing a display solution, we offer design solutions for any type of need. Whether you need a display designed to fit specific LCD standards or have a project involving an LCD and need to integrate it into a specific application, Leadtek can and will deliver.

All of Leadtek's departments work together on the electrical, mechanical production, and logistical segments of your develop a beautiful end product. We do this by providing proof of concept kits, samples, development prototype kits upon request. In any project that you decide to take use up to our services, rest assured you will be in on its design details from the conception of the first blueprint, to the very first model, all the way through its distribution

What Design Services include

  • CAD (computer aid-design) Drawings
    CAD (computer aid-design) Drawings
  • Specification Definition
    Specification Definition
  • Creating BOM (Bill of Materials)
    Creating BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Prototyping
What Design Services include

For PCAP, our design services include:

Cover Lens Capabilities

To improve precision, certain PCAP touch screens now include a thicker glass which will detect fewer signals while increasing the signal strength and maintain an optimal noise ratio.

  • Custom Shapes/Features
    Custom Shapes/Features

    -Curves, angles, corner radius, sizes, thru holes/slots, edge treatments, anti-shatter, steps, grooves, fingertip recess or slider (circular / elongated), polished or ground.

  • Masking (Print)
    Masking (Print)

    -Custom colors, logos, artwork, UV resistant materials

    -Dead-front artwork (only seen when backlit)

  • Material

    -Glass: Chemically Hardened, Tempered, Gorilla Glass, Dragon Trail


  • Finishes

    -Anti Glare, Anti Reflective, Anti Fingerprint, Anti Bacterial, Viewing Area

    Restriction, UV Blocker

  • Touch Controllers
    Touch Controllers

    -Reads the output from the sensor layers.

    -Like displays and many electronic components there is a wide range of touch panel controllers with technical, pricing, business and support features that vary greatly.

    -Leadtek is touch IC supplier neutral. We use the best controller that meets the application requirements and overall project objectives.

  • Sensing Layers
    Sensing Layers

    -Senses the touch through projected electrical fields and changes in the circuit capacitance to locate the touch events.

    -Construction methods vary and can influence product performance.

  • Touch Controller Firmware
    Touch Controller Firmware

    -Program code loaded on the touch controller.

    -Controls the features and touch performance of the solution.

    -Often needs to be re-written (tuned) to support application and use case requirements.

  • Gloved Touch
    Gloved Touch

    The improved algorithm on PCAP touch controller firmware enables the touch screen manufacturer to be able to tune the projection field for different applications, thus enabling workers to keep their thick working or safety gloves on, while operating their HMI equipment.

  • Noise Immunity
    Noise Immunity

    Electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise can interfere with the accurate detection of touch events in PCAP touch screens. To maintain the accuracy of the touch detection, the PCAP touch controller leverages firmware and hardware to avoid noise interference at different frequency bandwidths.

  • Water Handling
    Water Handling

    On certain industrial applications, water can accumulate on top of PCAP touch screens and trigger false touches. To avoid those false touches, the latest PCAP technology features water repellent surface treatments and a firmware algorithm to differentiate an actual touch from water droplets. These new features enable the touch screens to work flawlessly with challenging operating conditions.

  • Optical Bonding
    Optical Bonding

    Traditional touch screen configurations are only bonded from the sides and leave a massive gap in the middle that allows dust, dirt and moisture to get in and destroy the display from within. The optical adhesive fills the gap between the substrate layer and LCD, preventing contaminates from impacting the display viewability. Condensation or impurities can render the display unreadable.

  • Leadtek design service also include:
    Leadtek design service also include:

    EMI Protection

    Film Lamination

    Zero Pixel Inspection

    Night Vision Imaging Systems

PCAP Design Service

The demand for custom display-based solutions is strong and growing. Leadtek Displays continues to be innovative and develop new technologies to continue to differentiate among competitors. Our applications to enhance products that use display and touch sensors continue to grow.