Leadtek Display- Wizards In The Tft Lcd Modules

In the modern-day world, we find information being displayed brightly and digitally everywhere. Apart from other methods of display TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) technology and LCD (liquid-crystal-display) modules are used in most places.  These LCD and TFT modules provide advanced digital visuals and thus reach out more vividly to the target audience.

Leadtek Display is one of the leading TFT LCD manufacturers in China who are known in the market for being customer-centric and innovative. As time passed by we saw the introduction of a variety of TFT LCD modules from Leadtek Display. The major among them which are in use nowadays include:-

●    Standard TFT LCD- These modules are available in sizes from 0.95”  to 32" TFT LCD. They are usually in common and normal specifications of application, size, resolution, and work between normal temperature ranges of -10 degrees C to 50 degrees or from -20 degrees to 60 degrees C. They find usage in smartwatches, voting machines, industrial displays, automotive TV, medical displays, and much more.

●    Customized TFT LCD- These are customized according to the specific need of the customers across different industries. In this category, the product is available in various sizes are broadly classified into:-

1.    Circular display

2.    Bar type display

3.    Automotive display

4.    Industrial TFT LCD

5.    TFT modules with PCBA

6.    Square display

●    High Brightness LCD- there are around 25 products in this range that can be read even in areas that are high on brightness levels. These are usually sunlight-readable displays.

●    Touch Screen display- these are mainly operated by human finger touch or any other device like a capacitive pen or glove. These are also available in various sizes from 1” to 21.5 “and are available as capacitive touch screens and resistive touch screens.

●    OLED display- these devices refer to electromagnetic pens used for handwriting on display devices. Leadtek Display has products divided into two major categories of AM-OLED and PM-OLED and each of them has a wide range of products under them.

●    E-paper display- these are devices usually seen in price tags, menus on restaurant boards, bus and train station timetables, smartphone displays which imitate ordinary handwriting on paper.

With such a huge range of products and a constant eye for innovation, Leadtek Display has emerged as one of the finest Enterprises in the world of LCD and TFT display panels. Years of dedicated R & D has paid off and days are not far when they will be globally acclaimed.