How to Judge the Quality of LCD Display Screen?

The LCD screen looks like there is only one panel, in fact, it is mainly composed of four pieces (filter, polarizer, glass, cold cathode fluorescent lamp). How to judge whether the LCD screen is good or bad?

Ⅰ. The filter of the LCD display screen

The reason why the TFT LCD panel can change the color is mainly from the color filter. The so-called liquid crystal panel is to change the voltage of the driving IC, so that the liquid crystal molecules stand in rows, so as to display the picture, and the color of the picture itself of the liquid crystal display screen. It is black and white, and it can be turned into a color pattern through a filter.


Ⅱ. The polarizing plate of the LCD display screen

The polarizer can convert natural light into linearly polarized light, and its function is to separate the incoming linear light with polarized light components.

One part is to let it pass, and the other part of the polarizer of the LCD screen is absorbed, reflected, scattered, etc. to make it concealed and reduce the generation of bright/dead pixels.

Cold cathode fluorescent lamps: characterized by small size, high brightness and long life. CCFLs are made of specially designed and processed glass that can be used repeatedly after fast lighting, and can withstand up to 30,000 switching operations.

Because the cold cathode fluorescent lamp uses three primary color phosphors, its luminous intensity is increased, the light decay is reduced, and the color temperature performance is good, so the heat generated is extremely low, which effectively protects the life of our LCD screen.


Ⅲ. Causes and prevention of bright/dead pixels of LCD display screen

1. The reason of the manufacturer

Bright/dead pixels, also known as bright spots on LCD screens, are a kind of physical damage to the LCD screen, mainly due to the fact that the internal reflector of the screen at the bright spots is compressed by external force or slightly deformed by heat.

Technically speaking, bright/dead pixels are irreparable pixels on the LCD panel, which are produced during the production process by the manufacturer of LCD LTD.

2. Reasons for use

The bright/dead pixels of some liquid crystals may be caused by the process of use. Simply tell you some precautions during normal use:

(1) Do not install multiple systems at the same time; after installing multiple systems, the LCD display screen will be damaged to a certain extent during the switching process.

(2) Keep the voltage and power normal,

(3) Do not tamper with the LCD buttons at any time.

The above three points will directly or indirectly affect the normal operation of the "liquid crystal cell" molecules, which may cause bright/dead pixels.

Consumers have bright/dead dots during use. In fact, they can know what caused them through the inspection of engineers. As long as the manufacturer of LCD LTD does not try to harm consumers with unknowing conscience, even if bright/dead dots appear, consumers will is understandable.