How Can TFT LCD Screen Be Visible in Sunlight?

I believe that many people have the experience that the screen cannot see the screen content under strong sunlight. This phenomenon is that the readability of the display screen in the sun is poor. In many industrial scenarios, the display screen needs to be used under strong light outdoors, which leads to a TFT LCD screen that is visible in the sun. Leadtek Display has already proposed a solution for LCD modules TFT that can be seen in sunlight through years of intensive industry development.

Lcd Module Tft

1. Reasons for optical bonding of TFT liquid crystal modules

The visible technology of TFT liquid crystal display screen in sunlight mainly uses the principle of optical bonding to improve the readability of TFT liquid crystal display screen in sunlight. The principle of optical bonding is mainly to increase the external contrast by reducing the brightness of the TFT liquid crystal display screen. At the same time, the bonding glass of the TFT liquid crystal display screen is adhered to the surface of the polarizer of the TFT liquid crystal module with transparent optical glue, which makes the optical glue and the TFT LCD screen bonding glass seamlessly bonded. And the AR layer is plated on the glass surface of the TFT liquid crystal display screen, which greatly reduces the reflectivity, which means that the contrast ratio is improved.

2. The improvement of TFT liquid crystal module

The optical binding can increase the readability of the TFT LCD screen under sunlight, so that the TFT LCD screen can still clearly see the content of the terminal product under strong light, and the display effect will not be damaged at all, which can meet the requirements of the TFT LCD screen, which can meet the needs of outdoor use of TFT liquid crystal display screen.

LCD module TFT true color high-definition liquid crystal display, also called TFT screen, belongs to an active matrix liquid crystal display, and is currently the most frequently used type of display. The high-definition display effect gives an immersive experience. With the increasing demand for smart terminals, the application of TFT LCD module true color high-definition LCD is more and more widely, mainly related to its good characteristics, yield and price. At present, TFT LCD module true-color HD is widely used in Industry, mobile phone, smart home, transportation, electric power and other industries.

The TFT LCD screen can be seen in the sun. In addition to the optical bonding principle, the principle of transflective and translucent is also used, which can greatly improve the visual effect of the TFT LCD screen in the sun. Welcome friends who need a visible TFT LCD screen under the sun to consult our Leadtek customer service!