Dozens of display products from Tianma debuted in CITE2023, showcasing innovative achievements in all aspects

On April 7-9, 2023, the 11th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE) was grandly held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition focuses on the theme of "innovation leading collaborative development", and based on the new milestone of the eleventh year of the exhibition, puts forward the slogan of "starting again in the new decade". Tianma, as a leading enterprise in the field of small and medium-sized displays, is once again invited to participate in the conference.

During the conference, Tianma showcased dozens of display products, covering a series of new technological achievements such as Micro LED, Mini LED, CFOT+MLP, CUP, and exhibits in fields such as intelligent vehicle, medical industrial control, and intelligent sensing, showcasing Tianma's innovative achievements in all aspects and presenting a "visual feast". Among them, Tianma 5.04 "high PPI ultra narrow border Micro LED splicing display screen won the gold medal at the China Electronics Information Expo, and 6.67" LCD CUP (off screen camera) display screen won the Innovation Award at the China Electronics Information Expo.

Micro LED is one of the most promising technologies in the display field. Based on its own advantages in Micro LED technology, Tianma has developed a 5.04 "high PPI ultra narrow border Micro LED splicing display screen with a pixel spacing of 222 μ m. The single screen resolution is 480 * 320, driven by LTPS TFT. Through GOA in pixel design, high-precision cutting technology, and integrated packaging, the stitching is close to 0, and 2 * N infinite stitching can be achieved, suitable for different scenarios. Leading the world in high PPI and ultra narrow border Micro LED splicing.

With the continuous development of the communication industry, ultra-high screen display devices are gradually occupying the market, and off screen camera technology has become a key breakthrough for the next generation of comprehensive screen display. Tianma has independently developed a new pixel driver design, introducing three new processes and two special materials. Relying on the concept of split screen design and the reconstruction of aperture backlight structure, it optimizes costs while achieving comprehensive LCD CUP screen display. It can be applied to car displays, consumer product displays, etc., allowing true comprehensive screen technology to truly enter the lives of consumers.