Detailed Explanation of the Method of Transportation and Preservation of TFT Liquid Crystal Display

With the development of interconnection technology, more and more terminal industries use TFT displays as display devices for terminal products. After purchasing a TFT LCD display, do you know how to transport and store the TFT LCD display?

Ⅰ. TFT LCD screen should avoid vibration during transportation

Qualified TFT display manufacturers will do vibration tests when they leave the factory, but they should try to avoid large vibrations during transportation or installation.

Our TFT LCD screen is an LCD product, which is not solid, but liquid. Generally, if the liquid crystal arrangement is destroyed during vibration, there may be abnormalities. Therefore, you can try to handle it with care. If you need to transport it, you need to use the original packaging.


Ⅱ. Pay attention to moisture-proof when storing TFT LCD screen

Do not bring any moisture into the TFT display. When the humidity is too high, condensation may occur inside the TFT display, which may easily cause leakage and short circuit of the TFT display, and even burn the TFT display in serious cases.

At this time, the TFT display screen can be placed in a hot and dry place, which can avoid the TFT liquid crystal display screen from getting wet, which will cause the TFT display screen to display poorly.

Ⅲ. The best installation time of TFT LCD screen

After receiving the TFT LCD screen, it is generally best to use it on the machine after passing the inspection, because all parts also have an expiration date, and the storage time is too long, which will cause the TFT display screen to appear abnormal.

Such as aging, yellowing of the backlight, and even unable to display. So try to complete the LCD screen installation within 3 months to avoid missing the best installation opportunity.

Ⅳ. The difference between TFT LCD screen parallel port screen and serial port screen

1. Connection pins: TFT parallel screen requires multiple wires to connect, and TFT serial screen only needs two wires to complete communication.

2. Programmable: Most of the serial ports on the market are intelligent, have configuration functions, and are very simple and convenient to use. If the parallel port is used, the program is very complicated; relatively speaking, the use of the serial port screen is 90% less than that of the parallel port screen, and even many TFT LCD screen serial port screens can be controlled without a microcontroller.


3. Interface: The serial screen has special interface software. The direct download interface is simple.

(1) Serial port advantages:

  • The single-chip microcomputer controls the content of the liquid crystal display through the protocol, and the performance of the single-chip microcomputer system itself is not very high. General 8-bit computers can even easily control true color 10.4-inch and 8.4-inch LCDs;

  • Since the operation of menu, text, dynamic curve and picture can be realized only by writing the serial communication program of TFT LCD screen, the requirements for R&D personnel are low, and the development cycle is much faster; it can be said that it is a recommended choice for those who are eager to produce products quickly or for beginners;

  • If it is a serial port LCD terminal, it is more convenient to modify the general program or fix it to complete the upgrade process; the serial port driver has strong anti-interference ability, and generally performs well in power and vehicles.

(2) Parallel port advantages:

  • The video memory can be directly operated, and the running speed is faster than that of the TFT LCD screen serial port;

  • Generally, it is now a small board, which can be embedded in the user's system;

  • Low cost and simple function.