China Consumers Association: Screen Size Has Little Effect On Vision

On Aug 9th, the official website of China Consumers Association issued a document entitled "Preventive use of electronic display products for prevention and control of myopia". It is reported that in the first half of 2019, the China Consumers Association purchased 13 representative electronic products (including 5 mobile phones, 4 tablet computers, and 4 TV sets) on the market, mainly for different materials. Conduct comparative tests, including tests for blue-light hazards, and assessments of the perceived effects of children and adolescents (this comparison test does not highlight the comparison of specific brands), and provide reference and guidance for young people and parents to choose electronic display products.


This comparative trial invited children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 15 to participate in the experience assessment. Using flash fusion frequency meter, visual function tester, optometry instrument, and other instruments and equipment, the test evaluates the visual acuity changes before and after the use of the sample to complete the game task and performs visual perception function and eye optical test data collection and subjective feeling survey. The combination of subjective and objective evaluation.

China Consumers Association pointed out that based on the test results, the following conclusions and recommendations were made for the majority of consumers:

It is recommended that the teenager should not use the electronic display screen for more than 30 minutes each time. In daily study and life, it is recommended that parents and teachers should actively take responsibility and strictly control the frequency and time of use of electronic display products for children and adolescents.

Select high-quality electronic display products; from the results of this comparison test, the size of the display screen has no obvious relationship with the user's visual acuity, and more is affected by the material and physical properties of the electronic display screen. According to the existing results, the OLED screen is slightly better overall.

The screens of mobile phones, tablets, and TV products currently on the market are mainly OLED and LCD screens. LCD (liquid crystal display) due to the presence of backlight layer and liquid crystal layer, thicker than OLED, as a high-end display, the price of OLED will be slightly higher than LCD.

China Consumers Association also recommends that the product be tested at the time of purchase in order to select a more comfortable and more suitable product for your vision, to ensure rational consumption. At the same time, it is recommended that young people have more outdoor recreation activities.