Basic Features of Digital Signage LCD Display

Digital signage LCD displays are a common main feature of almost all modern business models. Whether it's retail, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, or even the military, every business uses some form of digital signage LCD display to advertise their brand, store data, or accomplish certain tasks. Large corporations rely heavily on vast networks of enterprise digital signage and rugged commercial displays to spread brand messages and deploy effective marketing materials.


1. What is a digital signage LCD display?

Digital signage LCD displays are technology networks used by major companies to deploy a variety of applications such as display directories, conference room digital signage, digital marketing dashboards, professional conference and trade show leaderboards, and more. These networks typically consist of a large number of displays that can be controlled remotely from one or more locations using specific software and platforms.

2. What are some basic features of digital signage LCD display?

Central Control Capability: As mentioned earlier, digital signage LCD displays consist of a large network of displays that transmit a variety of dynamic content across multiple communication channels and locations. Tracking all of this with a single device and network is nearly impossible. That's why advanced digital signage LCD display network has a unique central control feature that makes it easier to scale and manage content from one major cloud-based platform. Authorized personnel can access the secure cloud-based platform from multiple remote locations to make necessary modifications or updates.

Powerful API: An application programming interface (API) is an intermediate type of computing software that facilitates digital communication between two or more software, hardware, programs, or applications. Companies can greatly benefit from using custom APIs that provide specific computing solutions based on the size and scope of their network connections.

Uncompromising security and accessibility: Digital signage LCD platforms often store large amounts of sensitive and confidential company information, including customer and employee data. If this information falls into the wrong hands, the results can be disastrous for your business, employees and customers. Therefore, a digital signage LCD platform should be equipped with high security features such as single sign-on (SSO) authentication, state-of-the-art firewalls, antivirus software, remote monitoring software, vulnerability scanners, etc.