Application Scope and Technical Characteristics of 7-inch TFT Display Screen

Ⅰ. Application scopes of the 7-inch TFT display screen

Now we can see 7-inch TFT display screens in many places. Compared with small and medium-sized TFT displays, 7-inch TFT display screens are used in more fields.

The scope of application of the 7-inch TFT display screen includes: vehicle GPS, digital photo frame, visual building intercom, security monitoring system, advertising display, medical equipment, industrial control, etc., as well as the iPad we often use. The 7-inch TFT LCD SPI is used more in these products.


Ⅱ. Characteristics of the 7-inch TFT display screen

1. The 7-inch TFT display screen has good brightness, high contrast, strong layering, and bright colors, but it also has the disadvantages of relatively power consumption and high cost. TFT liquid crystal technology has accelerated the development of color screens. At this time, the high contrast ratio of the TFT LCD screen and the advantages of rich colors are very important.

2. The 7-inch TFT display screen has a variety of varieties, which is more convenient and flexible to use. It will be easier to maintain, update, upgrade, etc., and its service life will increase accordingly. Therefore, it is deeply loved by consumers.

3. The 7-inch TFT display screen has a wide range of applications, and can be used normally in the temperature range from -20°C to +70°C. In the TFT display screen with temperature reinforcement, the low temperature operating temperature can reach minus 80°C.

Ⅲ. What are the advantages of the 7-inch TFT display screen?

There are more and more display industries, and everyone's requirements for display are getting higher and higher. LEADTEK COMPANY LIMITED designs different products in different application fields to meet the needs of customers in all directions.

The 7-inch TFT display screen has been widely used in various fields such as car TV, industrial control display, smart home, medical equipment, etc. It is also a very popular product in LEADTEK COMPANY LIMITED and is well received by customers.

LEADTEK COMPANY LIMITED is mainly a high-tech manufacturer integrating industrial-grade LCD screens and touch screens. The main product sizes include 1.5 inches, 2.4 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches, 4.3 inches, 5 inches, 5.5 inches , 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch, 10.1-inch and other mainstream sizes, then let's focus on the advantages of LEADTEK COMPANY LIMITED's 7-inch TFT display screen.

1. It is easy to hold and carry, it has industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, supports multi-touch and has sensitive response speed.

2. It is visible under strong light and in dim environment, it can be scanned by looking up or down, without the need to flip the terminal back and forth, which can reduce the operational fatigue.

3. TFT display screen has 5 million pixels which can easily to collect various images and video information, it has high display brightness, fast response, accurate screen positioning, and do not drift.

4. It has backlight rubber frame, iron frame integrated design and high reliability design.

5. The glass with super impact resistance is adopted to achieve the highest impact resistance level in the industry.

6. It has IP67 sealing standard, has the characteristics of anti-drop/waterproof/dustproof/high and low temperature resistance, specially designed to meet the strict working environment requirements of enterprise users, the TFT display screen can withstand multiple drops from 1.5 meters to the cement floor.