8-inch TFT LCD Display Parameters, Features, Industry Applications

8-inch LCD display screen, medium-sized display screen, many terminal products use 8-inch LCD display screen, if we want to buy 8-inch TFT LCD monitor, we usually look for suppliers. When looking for a supplier of 8-inch LCD display screen, we should choose factory direct sales. Leadtek Display is a manufacturer specializing in the production of small and medium-sized LCD displays. Today, we will introduce the details of 8-inch LCD displays.

8 Tft Lcd Monitor

1. Introduction of parameters of 8-inch TFT LCD monitor

There are many types of 8-inch TFT LCD monitors, including different resolutions, interfaces, brightness, etc., 8-inch TFT LCD monitors are divided into horizontal and vertical screens, and the resolution is mainly high-definition, including 800*1280, 1024*600 , 1080*1920, etc., the brightness can generally reach 300-500cd/m, and support for special industry customization.

2. Features of 8-inch TFT LCD monitor

The 8-inch TFT LCD monitor has a clear display first, and the large screen generally has a good display effect. Industrial-grade design, from glass, backlight to IC, are all original from big manufacturers, which can ensure the reliable performance of the product. 8-inch TFT LCD monitors are generally full-view liquid crystal displays, and there are no dead angles at multiple angles, which further highlights the grade of the terminal product.

3. 8-inch TFT LCD monitor industry application

8-inch TFT LCD monitors are widely used in various industries. They are generally used in industries such as industrial, medical, videophone, and video doorbells. Due to their outstanding characteristics, many industries choose 8-inch TFT LCD monitors. There are many types of 8-inch TFT LCD monitor interfaces, and they are versatile, easy to develop, and do not require too strong professional knowledge for debugging.

Leadtek Display has a series of 8-inch TFT LCD monitors with a complete range of resolutions and interfaces, and can be specially customized according to different industries, providing one-to-one professional technical guidance. As an experienced TFT display manufacturer, all our products are certified. We adhere to the vision of "display leads intelligent life", people-oriented, continuous innovation, and provide each of our customers with the best display solutions. In the future, we will strive to build a high-tech enterprise with global influence, business and market diversification, and build a globally competitive LCD brand.